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Hiking Pole Stick with
GS Safety Lock
265 grams

This hiking pole stick can be used to set up our pole-less hiking pole tents or to relieve some of the work from your knees. As well as reducing knee load hiking poles make trekking through mud and slippery conditions safer.

When tramping with a heavy pack such as when you are hiking over multiple days then 2 poles are recommended. You will find using two trekking poles extremely beneficial when climbing up and down stairs with an overnight pack on your back. On flat terrain they can be used to propel your forward generating a faster walking speed.

Pioneer Hiking Pole in use

These Pioneer hiking poles use the GS safety lock system which allows for quick and easy adjustment of the trekking poles height. Simply open the clasp, adjust the height of pole then close the clasp again. This simple method of adjustment makes changing the height of the pole a breeze when more or less height is required depending on whether you are hiking up hill or down hill.

GS safety lock system

A removable mud tray is included which is used when hiking through muddy terrain or on soft ground. The purpose of using a mud tray is to prevent the trekking pole from getting stuck in the mud and reducing risk of falling, a must have when hiking in wet conditions.

Includes remoavable mud tray

The strong tungsten tip makes the hiking pole hard wearing and helps provide a stable landing point for the end of the pole. Included with the pole is a cover for the tip which allows the hiking pole to be stored inside your backpack without damaging the pack.

Strong tungsten rod tip with cover

Pioneer Hiking Pole Stick Specifications

  • Length: 65 ~ 135 cm.
  • Weight: 265 grams +/- 5%.
  • Material: Lightweight aviation aluminum,
  • Handle: High density EVA.
  • Tip: Tungsten steel rod.
  • 3 Section tube diameters: 16 / 14 / 12 mm.
  • Locking system: GS safety lock system.
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