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Refillable Travel Bottles
with Carabiner Clip
5 Pack

These refillable travel bottles with carabiner clip are perfect for taking toiletries with you when tramping. The pack includes 50 ml bottles which can easily be filled with liquids. Because of this the bottles are also the perfect size for taking on planes when traveling over seas.

50ml travel bottle with carabiner clip

These bottle can be used for shampoo, and conditioner, sunblock, insect repellent, dish washing liquid or anything else in liquid form.

Refillable Travel Bottles Specifications

  • Travel bottle size: 42.3 x 113 mm.
  • Capacity per bottle: 50 ml.
  • Bottle colour: Transparent.
  • Plastic type: PETG.
  • Appliactions: Hiking, tramping, bikepacking, international travel, every day use.
  • Model number: TBC5P.
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