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Self Inflating Camping
Pad EasyFlyte
670 grams

The Easyflyte 670 is a self inflating camping pad which uses sponge to suck in air and self inflate. It will inflate to 3 cm high combining sponge and air for a comfortable nights sleep.

Three fabrics are used to make these self inflating sleeping mats. The inner fabric is a high quality sponge which has three functions. These functions include sucking in air to inflate the mattress, providing comfortable padding and insulation from the cold.

High quality sponge layer

Above the sponge is a TPU seal composite layer. This layer adds further insulation and stops water leaking through to the foam layer. It also acts as addition protection from punctures.

Self inflating camping pad fabric composition

The top layer of the self inflating sleeping mat is made from 20D nylon. This is the first layer of protection and insulation and the most durable layer. On top of this layer is a logo which uses non slip silicon to help keep you on the mattress.

20D Nylon top layer with anti slip silicon logo

The valve on tee sleeping mats works a little differently to conventional air mattresses. When the valve is fully open the sponge expands suckingĀ  air into the mattress. This works the opposite way to what you would expect. The longer you leave the valve open for the further the sponge will expand sucking in more air.

Once the desired level of inflation is achieved close the valve and enjoy a good nights sleep. It is a good idea to leave the valve open for as long as possible. You can also blow into the the valve with the first plug plugged in to increase mattress firmness. However self inflation will achieve the most comfortable level of infaltion for most people.

Self Inflating Sleeping Mat Valve System

Self Inflating Camping Pad EasyFlyte Specifications

  • Model: Blackdeer Easyflyte 670.
  • Part number: EF670G.
  • Fabric: Ultralight 20D Nylon, TPU seal composite with high quality sponge.
  • Pad size: 180 x 51 x 3 cm.
  • Packed weight: 670 grams +/- 5%.
  • Colour: Army Green.

Tips for Using Self Inflating Camping Pad

Setting Up

  • Leave for as long as possible for mattress to self inflate. Set up your tent and leave valve open until ready for sleep. The long you leave it the more it will expand.
  • To hurry things up a bit try lying on the mattress to compress the sponge. Leave the mattress and wait, repeat if needed.
  • When you first use the mattress it may require some extra time due to the length rolled u in storage.
  • It is not recommended to inflate using your mouth. This could result in moisture entering the mat.

Packing Up the Self Inflating Sleeping Mat

  • When packing the mattress away first open the valve fully and roll up. Once rolled up close he valve and un-roll the mattress. Roll up again with the valve closed until you get near the top then release valve. Finish rolling then close the valve again.
  • If you want to pack the mattress down even smaller then repeat the above a couple of times.
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