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Sleeping Mat 10cm
Cold Resist 440 grams (L)

The Vuno BIG PUFF Sleeping Mat 10cm is just what you need to stay warmer on a cold night on the track. It features a special silver coating agent which is cold resistant. Furthermore this mattress will inflate to up to 10 cm high, the higher you are above the ground the warmer you will be.

These two features will help shut out the cold and keep you warm in temperatures down to -5° C.

Cold resistant mattress 10cm in tent

The mattress height is important. This is because the higher of the ground the warmer you will be as height adds insulation. The Vuno Big Puff hiking mattress is 10 cm high. This height lifts you off the ground almost twice as much as most air mattresses keeping you warmer.

Sleeping Mat 10cm Heigh

Another great feature of this ultralight air mattress is tits fabric. The mat is made from 40D nylon which is coated with a cold resistant silver coating.

40D nylon silver coated fabric cold resistance


If you are not sure if you want a mattress with a pillow built in the Vuno Big Puff will meet you half way.  It features a built in low profile pillow which is perfect for back sleepers or side sleepers who sleep on their arms. If the height isn’t high enough for you then you can always use a pillow or some clothes.

Built in low profile pillow

A critical part of an air mattress is the inflation valve. This inflatable mattress uses a high quality inflation valve which allows for quick inflation and deflation. The positioning of the valve is at the top of the mattress for easy adjustment of the mattress pressure at night. Simply open the top valve cover and press gently on the internal black valve to release air. Alternatively blow into the valve to increase the inflatable mattresses firmness.

BIG PUFF Sleeping Mat 10cm Specifications:

  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: 40D Silver coating process (cold resistant), composite TPU


When selecting best size for you add 5 cm to the mattress length shown below. Your body weight on top of the mattress will flatten it out slightly making it longer.

    • Inflated Size: 175 x 58 (widest point) x 10 cm.
    • Packed Size: 21.5 x  8.5 cm
    • Weight: 420 grams +/- 5%.

Packing Instructions

Cold reistant mattress packing instructions

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