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Suaoki 25W Solar Charger
Dual USB Port
749 grams

The Suaoki 25W solar charger is solar powered USB charger which works. Can even charge your devices when there is no direct sun. Essential for those long multiday hikes when a power bank alone will not do. We recommend using in conjunction with a power bank in case of poor weather and limited sun.

High energy conversion is possible via the mono-crystalline solar panels. These panels provide energy conversion efficiency up to 25 % which makes charging possible even under cloud cover.

25% High Conversion Efficiency Solar Panels

While hiking you can have it clipped to your backpack and charge your devices on the go. When taking or break or once you have reached your destination place the solar panel in full sunlight for full charging power.

These solar chargers are suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities including camping, cycling and hiking.

Water resistant solar charger

As well as using efficient solar panels the Suaoki S25SC also uses TIR-C technology. This technology quickly identifies the current requirements of your device and charges accordingly. The result is quicker charger.

TIR-C Charge Technology

Suaoki User Reviews

In general solar chargers will not work as well as a mains charger. Cloud cover and the angle of the sun shining onto the charger will impact charge time. This works much the same way as using a magnifying glass to burn paper.

Below are some reviews given by some Suaoki users. Use these as a guide to determine whether these solar chargers are suitable for your needs. Difference in review could be due to differences in sun strength as a result of time of day, cloud cover and type of phone.

Suaoki Solar Charger Customer Reviews

Suaoki Solar Charger Customer Reviews 2

Suaoki 25W Solar Charger Specifications

  • Suaoki TIR-C technology.
  • High current conversion efficiency.
  • 25 watt mono-crystalline panels.
  • Dual USB device charging.
  • Waterproof cover.
  • Lightweight only 749 grams.
  • Folded size 260 c 160 x 18 mm.
  • 5V 2.1A output.
  • S25SC model number.
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