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Tactical Polarized Glasses
with 4 Lenses
and Accessories

Great value sunglasses set which includes tactical polarized glasses frame with 4 lenses loaded with accessories. They are just what you need when conditions are forecast to change when tramping over multiple days. No longer do you need to take multiple pairs of glasses with you.

Tactical polarized glasses with changeable lenses

Included Lenses

  1. Yellow – for cloudy daytime use or evening or hiking in the bush.
  2. White – glare reduction without altering viewing colour.
  3. Black (preinstalled in frame) – maximum reduction of glare, polarized for optimum daytime viewing in full sun. Perfect for hiking at high altitudes or when lots of snow is present.
  4. Brown – anti UVA UVB, best for everyday use.

4 lenses yellow grey black and clear

Tactical Frame

These amazing sunglasses have a removeable soft inner frame. This frame makes the glasses fit better and adds shock protection between the glasses and your face. Not only does it do this it also reduces sun leakage and stops insects and sand from flying into your eyes on windy days.

Removeable soft inner frame - shockproof

Included Attachment Options

The sunglasses come fitted with the standard sunglasses arms for day to day use. Using these allows for the most convenient removal and wearing of these sunglasses. These arms can easily be removed and replaced with a headband strap.

Sunglasses arms removed easily

Included in this set are two headbands for when using these sunglasses for extreme use such as watersports or climbing. One band attached to the existing arms while the other replaces the arms. Using these head bands will pull the glasses closer to your face making them more stable while the inner soft frame cushions then gently against your skin.

Two headband straps included with tactical polarized glasses

Storage Options Included

A hard shell glasses case in included with the set which can hold the sunglasses and all of the many included accessories. This case also has a carabiner clips which allows you to have the case attached to the outside of your pack. Using the soft shell case for your sunglasses will not only save on valuable space in your backpack it also gives you quick and easy access for when you need to store your glasses or change the lenses.

If you want something a little smaller or lighter then a soft glasses bag is also included with the set.

Hardshell glasses case and soft storage glasses bag included

When changing the glasses lenses they will get dirty. Included with the glasses set with 4 lenses is a cleaning cloth which should be used to clean the lenses when before and after removal into the glasses frame.

Glasses cleaning cloth included with polarized sunglasses set

Tactical Polarized Glasses Set Contents

  • External sun glasses frame.
  • Internal shockproof padded frame.
  • Yellow night vision lens.
  • Clear anti glare lens,
  • Brown anti UVA UVB lens.
  • Black polarized lens.
  • Hard shell glasses case.
  • Softshell glasses case.
  • Cleaning cloth.
  • Full head strap.
  • Half head strap.
  • Polarized test card.

Glasses Dimensions

Frame Dimensions

Glasses leg dimensions

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