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Tent Insulation Mat
Liner 196 x 100 cm 108g
Vuno IM196100

Our tent insulation mat will add a layer of warmth to the floor of your tent during the colder months. Adding layers underneath is the easiest way to add warmth. This is because adding one layer underneath is equivalent to adding two layers on top.

It has two layers of Aluminum composite foil which will reflect and trap heat. Not only will it add warmth to your tents floor the sponge lining will also make the floor more comfortable.

These mats can be used to alert search and rescue of your position should you run into trouble. This is due to their highly reflective surface which can reflect the sun.

Tent Insulation Mat Specifications

  • Material: PVC plus Aluminum composite foil (double sided).
  • Size: 1960 x 1000 x 1.5 mm.
  • Weight: 108 grams.
  • Storage bag included: No.
  • Brand: Vuno.
  • MPN: IM196100.

Please note these mats do not come with storage bags. When using them for tramping we recommend storing them in PVC garbage bags and attaching to the outside of your pack.

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