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Travel Bottles for
Toiletries Shampoo
Soap Sunscreen & More

These travel bottles for toiletries are a carabiner clip. This clip can be used to attach the bottle to the outside of your bag. Perfect for when you need quick access to hand sanitizer or messy sunscreen.

They are perfect for hiking for storing small amounts of shampoo, soap, sunscreen or any other liquid you may need. No longer will you need to take full bottle. Instead take only what you need to reduce pack weight and volume.

The pack includes 2 x 50 ml bottles which can easily be filled with liquids. Because of this the bottles are also the perfect size for taking on planes when traveling over seas.

Travel Bottles for Toiletries Specifications

  • Bottle size: 30 x 42.3 x 113 mm (maximum dimensions).
  • Capacity per bottle: 50 ml.
  • Number of carabiner bottles included: 2 Bottles.
  • Bottle colour: Transparent.
  • Plastic type: PETG.
  • Applications: Hiking, tramping, bikepacking, international travel, every day use.
  • Brand: Vuno.
  • Model number: TBC2P.
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