Ultralight Hiking Backpack 56L+ Sleeping Pad
900 grams

This ultralight hiking backpack weighs only 900 g making it one of the best backpacks for reducing your overall weight.

It uses a sleeping mat which acts as the frame. Further to this the sleeping pad curves to the shape of your back for added comfort.

Use the sleeping mat as a mattress or as another layer under your inflatable air mattress for extra warmth at night. You would do this is because one layer underneath is equals two layers on top.

Please advise your mat colour preference from this link when ordering your backpack.

Ultralight Hiking Backpack Specifications

Capacity: 40+16 Litres
Pack Weight: 900 g +/- 5%
Sleeping Pad Weight 340 g +/- 5%
Sleeping Pad Size 190 x 56 x 1.8 cm
Zipper: YKK
Material: 210D Nylon

Instead of using the sleeping mat as the frame you can carefully pack the inside contents to build a frame. This could be necessary when staying in huts which already have mattresses.

A good approach to doing this would be to fold your sleeping bag and use a waterproof bag to hold it in. Doing this will give you a comfortable padding while the pack is on your back and reduce the pack weight down to only 900 grams.

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