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Ultralight Hiking
Mattress Vuno
Duo-flate 545 grams

The Vuno Duo-flate VDF545 is an ultralight hiking mattress with a built in pillow. It is super lightweight and packs down to an ultra small size taking up little room in your backpack. Because of this the Duo-flate is the perfect air mattress for multi-day tramping or bikepacking.

What Makes These Ultralight Mattresses so Good?

If you are looking for a lightweight air mattress with a built in pillow then this has to be the mattress for you. It features a dual inflation valve system. This system enables the inflation levels of the mattress and pillow to be adjusted independently. This is an amazing feature as most air mattresses with built in pillows only have one inflation valve.

dual infaltion valve system VDF545

Another thing which makes these mattress so good is the hex shaped air cushions. These air cushions have lines running in 3 different directions. This provides an increased chance of a comfortable nights sleep as there are more angles for you body to contour with.

Comfortable hex air cushion design

These air mattresses use dual inflation valves which assist with quick inflation trapping the air inside the mattress as you blow. Inflation levels can easily be adjusted by blowing into the valve or pressing on the center release valve. This center release valve lets air out slowly so desired firmness can be achieved.

When packing the mattress away simply pull out the inflation valve and the air releases quickly from the air mattress. The air release is fast allowing for the mattress to be easily packed away in less than a minute.

Inflation valve

Ultralight Hiking Mattress VDF545 Specifications

  • Brand: Vuno Hiking.
  • Model number: VDF545.
  • Fabric: TPU tear resistant nylon.
  • Inflated Size:190 cm (L) x Top 56 cm (W), 6.0 cm (H).
  • Packed Size: 22 x 9.
  • Mattress Weight: 545 grams (+/- 5%).
  • Estimated R-Value 2.2 ((not tested, compared to similar air mattresses of comparable spec).

These mattresses are inflated by mouth. We also have dry bags available (not included) which can also be used as mattress inflators as shown below. More information on these can be found here.

Mattress Inflation Bag in Use

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