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Ultralight Tent 1 Person
Dual Layer with Pole
Only 994 grams

Ultralight hiking tent 1 person use suitable for tramping, hunting, bikepacking or any outdoor activity where you need to keep things ultralight. With the right mattress this 2 layer tent can also be used as a 2 person tent. It includes a pole which can be substituted for your hiking pole to get the tents weight down even further.

Watch the below YouTube video to see the amazing features of this tent. Please note this tent is slightly heavier than shown in the video as it includes a ultralight Aluminum tent pole.

Ultralight Tent 1 Person Video Preview Image

Why are These Tents so Good?

One of the best things about this ultralight tramping tent is was tried and tested out on New Zealand’s Routeburn track so you know it can handle New Zealand’s conditions.

Used and test on the Routeburn Track New Zealand

Unbelievable light weight and is a dual layer tent! The inner tent is a mesh tent which not only keeps out insects such as mosquito’s and sandflies it can also be used on it’s own. This means you can either fall asleep at night looking at the stars or use it on it’s own when it’s too hot for the full tent.

Mesh inner tent

The seams on this amazing tent have been waterproofed with silicon tape. This tape stops water leaking through the stitching when it rains heavily keeping you warm and dry.

Waterproofed Seams

A key ingredient in keeping the weight of these tents so low is the fabric they are made out of. They are made using 20D and 40D siliconized nylon which is ultralight weight. Not only is the fabric extremely light is is highly waterproof. This along with the shape of the tent sheets away water quickly giving it little change to penetrate the surface of the tent.

Waterpoof siliconzed nylon fabric

One feature which makes this ultralight tent stand out is that it also includes a pole to set it up. Most ultralight tents rely on the use of a hiking pole to set them up, but not this one. This feature makes these lightweight tents perfect for hikers who do not use hiking poles and for bikepacking.

Because of this the tent is also an ultralight bikepacking tent. In fact one of the lightest if not the lightest bikepacking tents available.

Ultralight Aluminum pole makes it an ultralight bikepacking tent

A tent jam packed with these features would usually weight twice as much, this incredible tent weighs less than 1kg. Remember it can be lighter if you use hiking poles or another straight object. See our other tent listings for tents which exclude poles.

Weighs only 994 grams

Ultralight Hiking Tent 1 Person Specifications

  • Dimensions: 200 cm (L), 130 cm (W) front, 80 cm (W) back, 105 cm (H) at door.
  • Packed Dimensions: Approximately 29 x 10 cm.
  • Outer Tent Fabric 20D Siliconized nylon.
  • Inner Tent Fabric: 40D Siliconized tear proof nylon.
  • Poles Included: 1.
  • Number of Users: 1-2.
  • Layers: 2.
  • Tent Waterproof index: Top 2000 mm, Bottom 5000 mm.
  • Net Weight: 995 grams +/- 5%.

Orange or green tents may be available. If you would prefer one of these colours please ask before ordering. Otherwise blue will be sent by default.

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