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Vietnamese Coffee Dripper
for Hiking Single Cup
173 grams

This Vietnamese coffee dripper is just what the coffee addict needs to maintain their coffee fix. It is small, lightweight and makes great coffee. No longer do you need to suffer on the track. Made from stainless steel the coffee maker is not going to rust and continue to look good.


  • Stainless Steel.
  • 173 grams +/- 5%.
  • 12 x 8.2 cm.

How to Use this Vietnamese Coffee Dripper

Coffee Dripper Instructions

  1. Open the cap and remove the pressing plate
  2. Put coffee inside coffee dripper
  3. Insert pressing plate and lightly tighten
  4. Pour appropriate amount of hot water and wait 1 -2 minutes


Exploded view of parts included
Exploded view of parts included.
Multi-angled views of coffee make
Multi-angled views of coffee maker.
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