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Vuno Austere 740
Bivvy Bag
with Hoops Yellow

The Vuno Austere 740 is a bivvy bag is suitable for when you need to keep things as lightweight as possible. It is a must to have in your tramping pack when intending to stay in huts and there is a change you could get caught out. Further to this is also makes a great tent for the solo tramper or hunter.

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Tapered air mattresses fit best inside these one person tents. Our rapid pack, black back and anti-roll off mattresses fit perfectly. See below for more information on these ultralight weight sleeping mats.

Vuno Austere Bivvy Specifications

  • Model number: BBA740.
  • Weight: 740 grams.
  • Size: 220 x 90 x 50 cm.
  • Packed size: 43 x11 cm.
  • Waterproof index: 1000 – 1500 mm.
  • Top layer: Polyester fiber.
  • Bottom layer: 210D oxford cloth.
  • Contents: Bivvy, front and rear hoops, pegs, ropes and storage bag.

Emergency yellow bivvy

Please note when using tents, condensation will build up overnight. While we sleep we will lose about 500ml of water while breathing. Because of this tents still get wet on the inside no matter how waterproof they are. In fact the more waterproof a tent is the higher the risk of condensation.

Tips to Reduce Condensation

  • Try not to block the entrance too much with your gear.
  • Encourage air flow through your tent.
  • Keep wet gear out off your tent where possible.
  • Do not bring warm food or drinks into the tent. If you do ensure the tent is well vented.
  • If condensation can not be avoided the use a towel to wipe the ceiling of your tent down.
  • Using a groundsheet or tarp over the top of the bivi will help reduced condensation during wet weather.
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