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Vuno Gyzmo 60L
Lightweight Backpack
for Tramping

If you like backpacks with lots of storage compartments then the Vuno Gyzmo 60L is the lightweight backpack for you. As well as having loads of compartments it also hasĀ  handy front pack access so you can reach the contents of your pack easily no matter where they are packed.

If this isn’t enough the Gyzmo also has 2 long side pockets with water tube outlets. This means you can take two hydration packs or use the pockets for storing other items which require quick access.

As well as having lots of pockets this amazing tramping pack has lots of straps for attaching gear to the outside. These can be used to attach wet tents and other large gear to the front, sides and top of the backpack. It also has 2 Velcro strap loops for attaching hiking poles or pick axes to the side of the backpack.

Weighing just less than 1.5 kg with a built in aluminum frame this 60L backpack is one of the lightest tramping packs around.

Vuno Gyzmo Specifications

  • Brand: Vuno.
  • Model number : GYZMO-60L.
  • Colour: Blue, grey and orange.
  • Number of storage compartments: 8.
  • Frame type: Lightweight aluminum.
  • Fabric: Lightweight tear resistant nylon.
  • Bag capacity: 60L.
  • Dimensions: Approx. 72 (H) x 32 (W) x 24 cm (D).
  • Waist fitment: 60 to 115 cm.
  • Maximum recommended bearing: 15 kg.
  • Pack weight: 1.495 kg.
  • Fabric: Tear resistant 420D Nylon.

These packs are suitable to fit most people. Please measure your waist before ordering. Most of the packs weight needs to rest on your hips so the waist strap can not be lose.

Storage Compartments

  • Main compartment.
  • Rain cover pocket.
  • 2 x side pockets with drink tube outlets.
  • Bottom compartment.
  • Top compartment.
  • 2 x Mesh Side pockets.


Due to the number of storage compartments rain can leak in through the zips. Because of this we strongly recommend the use of a plastic backpack liner to store clothing and you sleeping bag in. A trick when trying to pack as much into your pack is to not use your sleeping bag storage bag. Instead squash it down in your pack liner at the bottom of the pack along with your clothing. This will reduce the wasted space of using backs within bags.

The use of pack liners is essential for use with all backpacks as no backpack is 100% waterproof.

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