4 Season 2 Person Winter
Camping Tent with
Snow Skirt Only 2.6KG

Experience the thrill of winter camping in New Zealand with the Flytop 2 person Winter Camping Tent. Designed for the Kiwi adventurer, this tent is your ultimate companion for all four seasons, ensuring you stay warm, dry, and protected even in the harshest conditions.

Why Choose the Desert Fox Winter Camping Tent?

  • All-Weather Protection: Waterproof, windproof, and featuring a unique snow skirt. This tent is crafted to withstand New Zealand’s unpredictable weather, from heavy snow to summer rains.
  • Spacious & Comfortable: With a spacious interior, large vestibule for gear storage, and two doors for hassle-free entry and exit, it promises comfort even in the wild.
  • Superior Ventilation: Dual air vents, mesh doors, and a mesh roof ensure optimal airflow, reducing condensation and ensuring a fresh environment inside.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Made with robust 210D oxford cloth and 210T polyester fabric, it guarantees durability and protection. Reinforced stitching at key points ensures longevity.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Weighing only 2.6KG, it’s perfect for backpackers and trekkers. Plus, it’s easy to set up and pack down.

What Makes This Winter Camping Tent so Good?

This FTWT2600 tent can be used in the snow. It has a built in snow skirt which gets buried in the snow to stop the freezing wind entering the tent. This wind chill can make a huge difference in temperature so having a snow skirt when using a tent in sub zero temperatures is a must.

If you are using the tent in summer then this snow skirt can be rolled up.

Orange winter tent with snow skirt

Two Door Access

Another great feature of this tent is the two door access. There is a door at both ends of the tent which allows for entering and exit of the tent without climbing over each other. The result could be a better nights sleep for when you are camping with a companion.

4 Season Tent 2 Doors Orange Tent COlour

Not only does the two door access make entering and exiting the tent easier. It also provides additional storage for your gear as there is room for a tramping pack at each entrance. This still leaves enough room to exit the tent without having to move your bag. Try not to full block either door as this can reduce airflow increasing condensation.

Storage at both entrances of Winter Camping Tent

Good Ventilation

When using a tent in cold conditions good ventilation is a must. This tent has dual air vents, one on each side of the tent. These vents provide good air circulation reducing condensation build up over night.

dual ventilation ports

As well as these two ventilation points the inner tent has mesh doors and a mesh roof. The inner tent can be used on it’s own during good weather allowing you to fall asleep gazing at the stars.

orange inner winter tent used on its own

Quality Materials and Tent Build

Not only are these tents loaded with features for the price they are also built well using high quality materials. The inner tent uses tough 210D oxford cloth for the bottom layer which has a waterproof rating up to 4000 mm. The top and doors of the inner tent uses high quality¬† mesh fabric to stop mosquito’s and other insects from entering the tent.

High quality mosquito mesh

The flysheet of the tent or what’s also know as the outer tent is made with 210T polyester fabric. This fabric is waterproof up to 3500 mm and is taped at the seams with waterproof tape to stop water leaking in through the seams.

quality stitched winter tent seams with silicon tape

Where required the tent has reinforced stitching. This stitching can be found at key anchor and tensioning points on the tent.

Reinforced stitching at critical points on the orange 4 season tent

Winter Camping Tent Specifications

  • Brand: FlytopOutdoors.
  • Model number: FTWT2600.
  • Flysheet Tent Fabric: 210T polyester PU 3500mm polyester.
  • Bottom Layer Fabric: 210D oxford cloth PU 4000mm.
  • Tent Poles: 8.5mm diameter aluminum poles.
  • Net Weight: 2.6 kg +/- 5%.
  • Carry Bag Size: 47x 14 x 14 cm.
  • Tent Dimension: 150+50+50 x 210 x 115 cm (L x W x H).

FTWT2600 Tent Dimensions

Flytop 4 Season snow tent for winter

Winter Camping Tips

Winter camping can be a great way to experience the beauty of nature in a whole new way. However, it’s important to be prepared for the cold weather and other challenges that come with winter camping. Here are some tips for using a tent in the winter:

  1. Choose the right tent. A four-season tent is designed to withstand high winds and heavy snow. It should also have a large vestibule for storing gear and a good ventilation system to prevent condensation.
  2. Use the right sleeping gear. A down sleeping bag is the best option for winter camping. It’s important to get a bag that’s rated for the lowest temperature you expect to encounter.
  3. It is also a good idea to insulate from the cold ground using an insulation mat. Remember one layer underneath is equal to two layers on top.
  4. Dress in layers. This will allow you to adjust your clothing as needed to stay warm. Avoid cotton clothing, as it will absorb moisture and make you cold.
  5. Eat and drink plenty of fluids. It’s important to stay hydrated, especially in cold weather. Eating high-calorie foods will also help you stay warm.
  6. Set up your tent in a sheltered spot. Avoid setting up your tent in areas that are exposed to the wind or rain.
  7. Anchor your tent securely. Make sure to use snow stakes or other heavy objects to anchor your tent in place.
  8. Vent your tent. Even though it’s cold outside, it’s important to vent your tent to prevent condensation.
  9. Be prepared for emergencies. Make sure you have a first-aid kit, food, water, and other emergency supplies with you.

By following these tips, you can stay safe and warm while winter camping.

If Camping in the Snow

  • Bring a shovel to help you clear snow away from your tent site.
  • Use branches as your tent pegs and bury them deep in the snow. These will stay anchored better than tent pegs.
  • Dig¬† a trench in the door section opening of the tent. This will trap cold air below and push the warm air up to your level.
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