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Wood Burner Stove
Back-up Use

This little wood burner stove is small and light making it something which should be a regular passenger in your pack. If you run out of gas for your gas cooker it can be used as a back up cooking device. Plenty of fuel will be provided by nature, just collect it on your way to the campsite. The Vuno wood burner stove Little Flat Pack is made from Titanium weighing in at only 85 g packed in it’s bag. Take one with you on your multi day hikes as a back or on your day hike’s as an emergency survival aid.

The Wood Burner Cooking Set Includes:

Wood burning stove
Flint stone
Storage Bag

Cautions around use of Wood Burner Stoves

  • Practice using it, because you don’t want to waste your time learning how to use this gas-less stove at the end of a long hiking day.
  • Under no circumstances should wood burning stoves be used indoors. In addition to it been dangerous the stove is likely to smoke out the dwelling.
  • Check to see if any restrictions are in place which prevent the use of wood burning stoves. For example some campsites may prohibit the use of wood burning stoves.
  • Always use under supervision, do not leave stove unattended and ensure any embers are fully extinguished after use. Furthermore take care in touching the pot. Ensure the pots handles are extended before use and away from the flames.
  • Cover the bottom of you pot with foil to make cleaning the pot easier. Doing this the foil will become black from the smoke instead of the pot.
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