survival gear for the survivalist vuno hiking nz

We have a great range of survival gear like what is used on most survivalist shows. Whether you are tramping for multiple days or just hiking for one day it is best to be prepared. You just don’t know when you may have to spend a night or multiple nights outside.

Our survival gear is not just useful for hiking. It can also be used for any activity where you may not make it home at the end of the day.

Emergency Coverings

Our emergency coverings can be used to keep you warm and dry should you get caught out. They are a must have backpack item when walking a day hike. If you are tramping multiple days and staying in huts without a tent then these are a must. Even better we recommend covering one of our bivvy bags as they weigh less than 800 grams.

  • Emergency Bivy Bag for Survival Use 115 grams
  • Emergency Bivvy Bag for Survival Use Green 125 grams
  • Emergency Raincoat Poncho
  • Emergency Sleeping Bag Bivvy Shelter

Survival Tools

Our range of tools could save your life. They can be used to start fires to keep you warm on a cold night or cook food. Our wire saw can be used to cut branches to build shelter or use as firewood. These tools of so light they are considered as a must take for day hikes along with one of our emergency coverings.

  • EEDC 6 in 1 Firestarter Compass Whistle Cord Bottle Opener Ruler
  • EDC Card Survival Tool Set 22 in 1 EDC22N1
  • Wire Saw for Emergency Survival Use with Blue Plastic Handles Main Image
  • Paracord Bracelet Orange EMB01-O

Tactical and Pocket Knives

A good knife has many purposes. It can be used to cut small branches and kindling as well as food and be used to whittle wood into various useful objects. Our black tactical knife can also be used to saw branches making it useful for building shelters and cutting firewood.

  • Folding Pocket Knife 200mm With Belt Clip and Black Handle- Vuno NZ
  • Folding Pocket Knife With Belt Clip 220 mm - Vuno NZ
  • Black Tactical Knife with Sheath 275mm Long
  • Carabiner Pocket Knife Red 140 mm Only 30 grams