Ultralight Weight Hiking Specialists

Get your Gear for The Kepler Track from Vuno, your ultralight weight hiking specialists.

At Vuno Hiking we are passionate about what we do, we are ultralight weight hiking specialists. Furthermore we don’t just sell our product, we use it, we live it, we breathe it. Most of the gear we sell is tested on New Zealand hiking tracks. These tracks are some of New Zealand’s most popular hiking tracks. These tracks include the Kepler Track, Routeburn TrackAbel Tasman Great Walk and the Tongariro Northern Circuit and the Rakiura Track. As a result of this our gear is tested to suit New Zealand conditions on these tracks plus more.

How we Started

Like most people who first get into overnight hikes, our founders set off to the Pinnacles Hut with gear purchased from large box retailers. This gear was grossly overweight and look up large amounts of space in their packs. The sleeping bag alone weighed over 1.7 kg and took up half the space in the pack. After completing the hike our founders set out in search of lighter hiking equipment.

Where do you go to Buy Ultralight Weight Hiking Equipment?

But where is the best place to buy ultralight weight hiking sleeping bags, tents and other gear from? Traditional large box retailers claim light weight however most can’t justify ranging slow moving specialist products. Instead they focus on fast moving profitable lines. Most of the ultralight weight hiking specialists are online however mostly specialize in either ultra light weight tents, light weight sleeping bags or mattresses. But it seemed hard to find one place which had it all.

The One Stop Shop for Light Weight Hiking Gear

So after lots of trial and error our founders came up with the idea of a one stop shop for ultralight weight hiking. The concept for Vuno Hiking was born. Our mission is to make your life easier by doing the work for you. If we don’t sell it then we haven’t found it yet, but we will. If you are planing a hike such as one of New Zealand’s Great Walks or any of New Zealand’s other many hikes. Then we will have the right gear for you, no more need to search the internet or buy by trial and error. Vuno Hiking have what your need to make you hiking adventure more enjoyable.

Why Buy your Ultralight Weight Hiking Gear from Us?

Vuno have done the trial and error for you. We have tried many different products and upgraded our equipment over time. No more buying from overseas expecting light weight gear which weighs 850 g only to find out it is actually 950 g. We check the weights and specifications carefully and say what they actually are.

Vuno Hiking are a New Zealand owned and based company. We carry stock and can ship within a week. If something goes wrong we have a local warranty to support you with. And most of all, our team use the gear we sell.

Vuno Hiking ultralight weight gear will save you time while making your hikes around New Zealand easier and more enjoyable. Come inside and see how we can help. You no longer have to ask the question, ‘Where do I go to buy ultra light weight hiking gear and equipment from?’. Get it from Vuno Hiking….

Feedback and Reviews

We understand it is hard to trust online stores. Our website does not have an online review system, we don’t see the point as these can easily be manipulated by the owner of the website. We provide some feedback which is copied across from our Trademe store which trades under Alternative Brands NZ.

You can buy some of our range from our Trademe store however in some cases the pricing will be higher due to high Trademe fees. To view our feedback from our Trademe customers you can click here.